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New Products

We are working on several new products!!!  Our first product will be a smaller version of the secondary tank that will be approximately 32 inches tall.  This reduced height will allow users with limited ceiling heights to use a secondary tank.This product is NOW AVAILABLE.

Our other new product will be a "build-it-yourself" kit that the user will be provided a hardware package and instructions on building a 50 bushel storage container.  This storage container will be unique because it will hold a vacuum which allows the corn to be transferred and cleaned while it is loaded into the bin.  This system will work similar to the "complete system", but the total cost is expected to be less than $500.  We are almost ready to offer this product.  We are finalyzing several items and will be offering this soon.....

Shipping Information

We are typically getting our orders shipped within 1-3 weeks.  Depending on our supply (which changes daily), shipping may be as little as several days.  Our inventory changes on a daily basis depending on our order status.  Order now to ensure that you receive your unit in time for fall heating.  If you have any additional questions, or need additional information, e-mail us.

Complete Cornvac System

This product is now available.  We still are looking into delivery issues with such a large item and at this time we are requiring that the purchaser make arangements for delivery or pick-up.  We will work with the buyer on arranging this as best we can.  The pick-up location is Southern Ohio (25 miles East of Cincinnati), Zip Code: 45103.


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